Stage 8 didn’t upload

I crossed the Stage 8 finish line but it didn’t upload. How do I get credit for the stage?

Same problems for me Gary.

Same thing happened to me on Stage 8. Opened a ticket and attached my log file, but no response from Zwift yet.

Good to know I’m not alone. Didn’t know I had a log file. Where do I find it?


If you used a PC with Zwift, it’s in Documents\Zwift\Logs. With a MAC or IOS, Zwift has instructions for locating your log file.

The same thing happened to me today on Stage 8 of The Tour. 20 miles into the ride all the other riders disappeared including all the names of the list. I rode solo until the finish but the ride didn’t save. I went to to see if it had saved but all the info was blank apart from my Watts! Very frustrating when you put the effort in!!

Same thing just happened to me. Has been faultless up until today!

I finished the ride and it showed up in my activity. I even received an email congratulating me on finishing but then it disappeared…

sur l etape 8 blocage est echec a 1400 M de l arrivee fait chier se zwift a 15 euro par moi meme pas capable assure

Same here…I completed the stage but it isn’t showing up. Only my warm up and cool down rides are showing in my Activities list. Just sent a note to Zwift Support. Will probably ride the stage again today in case they can’t fix it.

Same here. I did the London A ride but zwift/tdz shows no completion. Companion app shows ride data (maybe a half mile missing) and can’t retrieve the map data so it looks like there was a big packet loss on the upload. Might just do the B ride today to be sure I get credit.

Tour de Zwift Stage 8 B, rode the stage a second time to make sure I get credit.

Yep, me also. Just made sure it was the B ride this time. Also didn’t do any extra riding after completion to possibly confuse it. All is ok now. The second ride gave me credit.

Same thing happened to me. Midway through stage 8A on Saturday night, all the other riders disappeared. I had not lost Internet connectivity as I could access e-mail etc. with my phone. The Companion showed my progress on the map but did not show HR or power. I did not receive credit for the stage (no e-mail) and had to upload the .fit file to Strava manually. I rode the stage again on Sunday afternoon to ensure I got credit for it.

Two other things I noticed while riding: the only Ride On I received was when I was still in the pen (I would expect at least half a dozen during an activity of that length), and my Box Hill time from the previous Sunday was not shown in my 30-day PR list.

On Sunday afternoon, I had to log in again - this happens once every few weeks. While riding the stage, my Box Hill times from the previous night were not shown, but the previous Sunday’s time was.

My suspicion is that my Zwift login session (or token) timed out, probably while I was in the pen, and my activity became invalid and invisible to other riders at this point. After a further 45 minutes or so, I was dropped out completely.

I would be interested to know if the other users with the same problem had to log in again the next time they started Zwift.

Similar here. Completed the Stage 8 A ride on Saturday. Companion app shows it, and I got the congratulations email afterwards. But the ride didn’t upload to Strava and the main application doesn’t have a thumbs up on Stage 8.

Excactly the same thing happend to me on saturday after I wrote the the complete Stage 8 (A).
I got an email, that I have finished the stage but no thumbs up in the progress chart. Also the ride didn’t upload to Strava because Zwift crashed during uploading. The companion app has the ride but it can’t load any details.