Tour de Zwift Stage 6 not credited


I completed Tour de Zwift Stage 6 (Cat A) this afternoon (event started at 11:00 GMT) but it doesn’t seem to have registered. It was strange as after crossing the finish line, I was not shown the usual even summary but I was able to keep cycling and the distance from the finish was increasing. After doing an additional few km, I quit and saved the ride. By this point there were very few riders left in the map and it was showing me as being first (I was no where near finishing first :sweat_smile:).

The activity ID is 1002823420083208192. Can this be credited or will I have to complete Stage 6 again?

Thank you

Hi @Jon_Mallett, this sounds an awful lot like a connection issue with the missing riders and incorrect placement. If you open a support request at Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift we can take a look at your activity and see about getting you credit for that stage