Stage 5 May 2019Kicked Out before it got started!

Hi all,
Pretty frustrated by Zwift this evening as was just about to start Stage 5 and got stopped by Zwift shutting down just as I was about to go over the start line. It wouldn’t let me back in either so ended up riding London for 15 miles instead ( no issues with this!) This is the second stage this has happened on as had similar issues with Stage 3 too twice. (Once at the start, and once halfway through when ejected out. I reported this to Zwift, but no explanation why.
I’m running an iPad mini which works fine and have not had many issues with Zwift before. Logged on via the Companion app. As noted, riding London was fine so not an internet problem.
Real shame as was v motivated to give Stage 5 a ‘ good crack’ !
Going to report it so that hopefully something can be done in the future to stop this. I did ride the full Stage 3 on 3rd attempt. A lot less people riding when I did it as a ‘catch up ‘ so wonder if it can’t cope with the numbers?

There were 800+ riders when I did stage 5 this morning so I’m going to guess that the app is too heavy when loaded with that many.

You hit the nail on the head: with that many riders on the screen your graphics processor have to do a lot of work to render all that detail, if your graphics processor can’t keep up with the load it will kill the process and Zwift will crash.

I would suggest riding the events that are not so crowded and to get in the pen early so that you start in the front group.

Tip for doing large group events. Drop your graphics quality in the settings. I saw that there were 900+ in my event and dropped from Ultra to High Quality.

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Thank you all for these useful tips which I will try when I next do Stage 5.
Much appreciated.

Best wishes


This also happened to myself today all riders started and Zwift shut down I also went back to London and done 15 miles with no problem.
Barry T

Hi Barry,
I’ve raised this with Zwift, but yet to get an official response! Forum responses have been great.Looks like Stage 5 on again tomorrow so I’m going to try again. London was ok , but I’d lost my motivation by then!


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Hi Matt yes I’m also doing tomorrow 100+ so hopefully all ok, good luck
Barry T

Hi Barry,
Just tried the 1700 BST Stage 5 event. Joined via the Companion App once more. Kicked out while waiting. Rejoined and actually started for about 10 seconds before being ejected again! Did a Watopia ride straight after. V frustrating!!!

How did you get on today? Did anyone else have problems?

were you waiting in the Pen?

On what are you running Zwift?

I rode Stage 5 earlier this week and signed in a couple minutes before the start with no problems: 838 racers finished. My husband signed in about 10 minutes before the start this morning with over 600 racers, and he also had no problems. We both use our iPads for Zwift.

Hi Matt, I joined 10 minutes before the 1100 start and it kicked me out again I tried to rejoin and I got back in I was 0.4 miles behind but I completed it at last!!

Hi Sophie.
That’s good to know- I’m wondering if maybe I have an internet problem as checked my connection and not functioning at full capacity. However, I do seem to be able to do the other rides without issues. You’ll see from the next post that Barry still had some issues, although did get going eventually! : - ) I will not give up,
Best wishes

Hi Gertie,
I’m running on an iPad mini 3 which I use solely for Zwift. My Zwift experience has been good.As noted in another response I have checked my internet. Recently running at 47mb - not as good as it can be, but not too bad? Stable connection showing and no problems in the area.
iPad is all up to date re iOS.
Any thoughts gratefully received!
( I’m changing internet provider towards the end of the month so this may help) . I looked for the graphics quality in settings, but couldn’t locate this. I signed up v early on the Companion app today too.

Hi again Barry. Glad you got to complete today! I wonder if the 1100 was ‘quieter’ than the 1700 ride hence the success. Interesting that you got back in as again nothing happened for me. I will keep persevering!

There was about 320 riders but should still not be happening paying for something and not properly working hope it all goes ok

Hi all,
Here’s the response from Zwift that I have just received. I got it wrong earlier re the iPad mini I’m using. It’s an iPad mini 2 I’m using so the explanation below tallies with my getting ‘ kicked out ‘. I’m grateful to Zwift for their response and understand
that technical issues do occur! However, also shows that it’s important to raise these issues with them so that they can address this. We,ll get there!

Here’s the response below;

‘Hi Matt,
Thanks for taking the time to respond to the survey that you’ve received; we truly appreciate it! I’m sorry to hear that your Zwift experience has been anything less than stellar.
We really appreciate you providing us with this information, this will be useful to investigate the issue and hopefully assist us with correcting the issue to avoid this for future events. Feedback from Zwifters like yourself is incredibly useful in our efforts
to improve not just the Zwift app, but all other aspects of the Zwifting experience and for all members of the Zwift community.
We’ve had reports of Zwifters crashing on a few iOS devices since the recent Desert Expansion update release; it’s happened to while running, cycling, and just watching while in the Watopia course. Here’s a list of the known affected devices:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 2
    We’re still investigating this issue and appreciate your patience while we work towards a resolution to this problem. If you’d like to stay on top of any recent news about this, please follow the link that I’m providing to our Community

If you have any questions, concerns or additional feedback, let us know! If not, we look forward to seeing you out on the course!

Ride On.

Kristopher P.

Customer Effort Specialist