Sprint Intervals (Neuromuscular Power) in Custom Workouts

Hi there,

I love the Custom Workout Mode and particularly the interval block which makes creating rides very easy. One request though, would be that you enable an option to do sprint or jump intervals. This would be Coogan Zone 7, I believe, and would have no set wattage or average to it–just going as hard as humanly possible. Maybe it could be defined as greater than or equal to the Zone 6 maximum. In any case, there would be no maximum wattage (currently 200% of FTP I think) and no average target. 

I attempted this today and while it was easy to set up as ten second intervals, the highest I could get the wattage was way too low for a sprint on my rollers and as a result I “failed” the interval. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to actually mimic the kinds of indoor workouts people normally do. Thanks.

Yep, this is very much needed!

This needs to be added as an option for custom workouts, I use ‘free ride’ segments but it makes the expected stress points meaningless.