Custom Workout Power Ranges


Apologies in advance if this has been requested before.

I bought The Time Crunched Cyclist book and am in the process of converting its training plans in to zwift custom workouts. The workouts are broken down into specific intensity ranges one should hit. For example, “Endurance Miles” calls for anywhere between 45% to 73% of your field test power. This is not easy to configure in the custom work out UI. You can only specify power and duration for any block. It would be great if we can specify a minimum and maximum power (and cadence) for each block, so that we’d be able to earn the star as long as we’re within that range.

Jump on to - it lets you do everything Zwift does but adds flexibility to write in text using %'s of your FTP (unsure if Zwift does/doesn’t as I havent used it for some time) . By specifying your FTP, you can write intervals like this for example:

It does mean you have to load this into your workouts folder on a PC or Mac but once done, its available on any Zwift platform.