Sprint and KOM leaderboards in Meetups?

Just started to do some Meetup rides with friends and was wondering if the sprint and KOM leaderboards are limited in general for meetups or is it because we were using the keep everyone together option? The leaderboards would show each rider their times but nobody else’s.

It should show everyone in the meetup.

Thanks. I moved the discussion to Bugs and Support.

Any ideas on what could be causing it? It has happened on 2 different meetups I have been in this week. We have a mix of iPad, Apple TV, and Windows PC set-ups, and everyone is on smart trainers.

Genuinely don’t I’m afraid. It would be good to hear if this is a global thing (I haven’t been in a meetup for awhile) or limited to certain parameters.

But the leaderboards should (and definitely have in the past) show the segment times for those in the meetup.

I experienced this issue the other day in my friend’s meetup with the same setting - keep everyone together. We were doing the UCI Innsbruck Course and in the spirit of friendly competition pushed ourselves up the first climb only to be disappointed that the Meetup leaderboard didn’t display everyone’s time - it only listed the individual’s (your) time time and not the others.

It must be tied to Meetups in general. It doesn’t matter which world/course we use, we only see our times in the leaderboards.

Do you mean it showed all the participants in the Meetup, and not everyone else riding in Innsbruck at the time. Or it only showed you, and no one else, not even the others in the meetup?

I did a meetup on Monday up the volcano, the volcano KOM leaderboard showed everyone in the meetup, but not everyone else who was riding the volcano who were not in the meetup. This meetup did not have “keep everyone together” enabled.

Meetups are supposed to only show meetup entrants in the leaderboards.

That’s what I thought, but it sounds like @Scott_Barger_DIRT is saying he only saw himself and no other members of the meetup on the leaderboard?

Maybe it has to do with Keep Everyone Together?

That’s the problem. Meetups with keep everyone together selected are not working as you say.

Aren’t any rubber-banded events/times completely fictional since there’s only 1 speed for the entire group, no matter who’s doing what kind of effort?

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In meetups, if we all sprint and are fairly close it doesn’t rubber band. You can still spread out a little but eventually the fastest will be slowed and the slowest will be sped up to group back up but I’m not sure what the threshold is to force the buch up.

That would be a nice feature if it would pause while in a sprint or KOM climb then bunch everyone at the end.

I think you’re right - leaderboards wouldn’t mean anything while “keep together” mode is on - so I think it sounds like Zwift is working correctly here.

With “keep together mode,” everyone’s speeds are similar whatever effort you produce BUT they do jump around as if there’s a rubber band attached to everyone. So sometimes you’ll be dropping off the back and spring back to the front; sometimes you’ll be off the front and get slowed down. If you had times for sprints and KOMs, they’d be pretty meaningless.

If that is indeed intended behavior, then perhaps the takeaway here is a UI fix to not display the MeetUp leaderboard when set to “keep the group together”.

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One could argue that point for everything in Zwift with fictional Tron bikes, trusting people to enter their correct weight and height, power ups, fictional power outputs by non-smart trainers, etc… I don’t care if our times don’t show up on the gen pop leaderboards, just give us the ability to have a little fun between us in our little meetup. Geesh…

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That sounds like a good option.

But looking at any timed segment in a banded meetup is rather pointless, with all the physics manipulation to band riders together it is just an approximation.

The only real thing in banded meetups is power and hr.

A little sprint trick in a banded meetup, get behind the other guy then go all out the band will give you a nice boost so you can shoot past.

Ok, this is getting a little off topic. So apparently the answer to the original question is that yes it should, but it doesn’t, and it probably shouldn’t show the leaderboards at all…

I think you’re right - I don’t think it makes sense to display leaderboards when set to “keep everyone together”, but there’s clearly confusion about how it works, so it might also be worth an explanation being added somewhere.

When you create a Meetup, you can choose to customize your meetup as “None”, “Keep Everyone Together” or “Race Results”. If you choose “Race Results”, a little note appears saying “Using Race Results will disable Late Join for this Meetup.

One solution could be that if you choose “Keep Everyone Together” it could give a note saying something like “Using Keep Everyone Together will disable leaderboards for this Meetup.”

I’m not sure what dictates the average speed in a “keep together” ride, but if that could also be included in the message, it might also help.