"Keep everyone together" and leaderboards (sprints, KOMs etc)

Hi Everyone,

In our small group we have now more than 100 meetups on record, all done with “keep everyone together”. Despite the glitches, it generally works great and revolutionised our social, virtual cycling life. There is one detail that has started to become a bit annoying recently and this is the “racing” for the sprint or KOM leaderboards.

Soon we figured out that the person crossing last the start line of a sprint (and often a KOM), especially if they are 5-15 metres on the back, will be catapulted to the front when they start pushing. They only need to put a mild effort and there is not a single time that someone managed to change this: last crossing the start line always ends up in the top of the leaderboard. Typical numbers involve the person crossing last the start line to output 2.5-3.5 w/k while someone else putting 10 w/k for 10+ seconds and still won’t make a difference.

That led to a new form of racing: The race to cross last the start line. It was a good laugh in the beginning and even now we may enjoy a “slow bike race” once in a while but after losing its novelty it just became an annoyance.

I was wandering if zwift could consider doing something about it. An idea would be to disable temporarily the “keep everyone together” feature for sprints (between the start and finish lines) for example.


I guess that it could be a good option if Zwift were to offer the Meetup organsier a button to turn off/on the Keep Together function.

So then they could use that at any sprints/KOMs that they wanted proper timing.

Though Zwift would then have to be able to cope with bringing everyone back together again, so it wouldn’t be simple - maybe the leader would need to ask everyone to regroup, and then when they did if he/she hit the button again then it would work?

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