KOM/Sprint Racing on Keep Together Meetups

Would it be possible to change or add to the “Keep Everyone Together” option on Meetups so that on KOM’s and Sprints riders were able to compete against each other but then regroup after the segment? This would make longer rides more fun and simulate the nature of group rides where rides identify sprint zones and climbs to open it up on.

Yes, we need this, meetup leader should be able to turn it off and back on like event leaders can with the fence.

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Havent done meetup yet, so dont know what happens if someone wants to break free and ride the hill more uptempo. Can he just wait at the top and rejoin now?

Sounds like a good idea.

with “keep everyone together” on you can ride as hard as you want, you won’t get too far ahead of the rest of the group, they will eventually catch up to you and your speed will be throttled down too. Without this enabled you can ride off the front or get dropped off the back just like in any other ride.