Any word on being able to contest sprints/KOMs during meet ups?

I found some old posts, but nothing recent.

Can we get a feature where the ride leader can turn off/on the “keep together” function during meet ups? We enjoy this feature so slower riders don’t get dropped, but it would be great to turn off keep together before a sprint/KOM and back on once it’s over.

A similar function exists with public events and the gate/fence/whatever to keep people from going ahead of the group for too long, so why not do something similar in meet ups?

Make it happen, Zwift!

Not exactly true. The fence used to boot people that crossed it for too long but hasn’t in a long time. It is now just a reference point designed to entice some back to the yellow leader but it doesn’t stop you from crossing it or kick you out if you do.

Ah. Well, shows how long it’s been since I’ve done one of those. That said, it used to, so the function is there and I’m sure it could be tweaked and implemented again.

Based on my experience the fence was never actually turned off, the ride leader would just adjust how far out it was so people could sprint/climb without crossing it and then bring back in closer after.

But yes I would like to see something as well. I was creating meetups that would end just before the start of a KOM/sprint so we could race to the finish but that was tricky because you had to calculate the distance right and as soon as the meetup ended we’d be in a sea of people.

The ride leader has the option to turn it on and off.