Sprinting & keep everyone together?

I tried searching but couldn’t find an answer. When doing a group ride that “keeps everyone together”, how do sprints work? Or do they simply not work because you’re stuck to the group?


Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t.

If the fence is not being used, you can sprint all day and it’s the honor system for staying together as a group.

If the fence is being used and you want to sprint, it’s recommended that you fall back behind the pack before sprinting, otherwise you’ll be taking a chance on getting booted from the ride.

Some ride leaders will turn the fence off just for the sprint sections.

Hope this helps…

In meetups, when this is enabled, sprinting is not the same as during a free ride or race. You can still “sprint” but your speed will be governed down to the average of the group. You will not fly off the front of the meetup.

Thanks for the quick replies. To clarify the question, are the sprint segment times valid per individual effort, or skewed because of the “keep everyone together” rules? If skewed, why does Zwift even show sprint times in “keep everyone together” rides? That’s why I’m confused. If it does allow individual effort for the , that’s pretty cool and can add some excitement to the “keep everyone together” group ride.

Maybe someone else has better knowledge of it all, but I think of all the segments built in Zwift (Sprint, KOM, etc.) as a static feature, meaning that regardless of the type of ride you’re on, it will act the same and display/keep a 30 day record of your personal segment times, while showing results for everyone over the last hour of riding that timed segment.

I don’t believe the segments act any differently or influence your stats based on the type of ride you’re doing, but maybe your result would be affected in a Meetup as @Mike_Rowe_PBR stated above.

One feature that is pretty cool about Meetups is that the rankings on the timed segents (sprints and KOM’s) only show the participants in the meetup, so they are like mini races if you want to play that way. With keep everyone together enabled, I’m pretty sure the same governed speed exists as I noted above. You can sprint for the line but you won’t be going as fast as you might on your own. If the entire meetup group is sprinting and they are all stronger than you, then I think your speed would be higher than usual as it seems to average everyone together.

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Thanks @Mike_Rowe_PBR, I learned something new since I’ve never used Meetups…I have no friends :wink: :+1: