"Regroup" button for Zwift Meetup rides

Hi, I have a suggestion for Zwift Meetup rides.
I like the idea of the riders having to work in order to keep up with others during harder efforts (ie NOT having it set up so that everyone stays together regardless of wattage), but I think it would be great if there was a “Regroup” button that the ride leader could press that brought all the Meetup riders back together - for example, if we are doing a workout of 5x(2 min hard, 2min easy), then just before the start of every 2min hard rep, I could press the Regroup button in order to bring everyone back together so they could start the hard rep together and be able to try to keep up with others.

Welcome @Mark_Linseman_teamLP

That sound like a good idea, but it seem very difficult, how would the GPS data on Strava look with people flying back every few minutes.

If it is a group of friends then why not u-turn or slow down so others can catch up.

Now you know how hard it is to lead a group ride with random people.

Yes that is what we currently do and it actually has worked quite well - we slow down and regroup on our own which works fine. Just saying it would be a great feature to make regrouping super easy. Agreed it seems difficult but Zwift seems to be good at programming things that seem difficult! As far as Strava GPS data goes, I’d imagine it would look the same as if you were out on a ride, stopped your watch, then rode the opposite way for a while and then started it again. Really not a huge deal. I’m more worried about trying to make it easier to ride with others and use them for motivation!

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Maybe it could adjust resistance around the beacon,
Those behind the beacon get a down hill -5% those infront of the beacon get an uphill 5% while the regroup is active, then the beacon turns it off and people are back to normal grade.

YESS!!! Regroup button for the ride leader would be a very useful feature, and I think something like a grade or aero adjustment would work well.

The meetup leader should just be able to turn “keep everyone together” on and off during the ride, like event leaders can adjust the fence, that way when there is a KOM or Sprint the leader can turn off keep everyone together and turn it back on after the segment is done.

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