Splash and Dash & Surfin’ Safari run badges and ZP route name

Yesterday and this morning I decided to get my two missing run route badges. I had noticed that a few group runs were using the Splash & Dash and Surfin’ Safari routes so thought I would give them a go.

Bug 1 - at the start of both runs the badge was awarded to me in the start pen (pleased to say I ran the full route to justify the badge award)

Bug 2 - the name of these two routes does not appear to be listed when you use ZwiftPower to search for group runs, instead the route name is shown as a - sign. (I have not yet looked to see if route name appears correctly in ZwiftHacks but may try later. EDIT: Route names do appear on ZwiftHacks so I imagine the information is probably there behind the scenes in ZwiftPower?)

Hi @Ian_Attoe
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for the report. I looked through your server logs and can see that you did indeed get the Splash & Dash route achievement badge in the pen. Looks like it was for this event, correct?

I’ll pass along your report to the team to investigate both issues.

Surfin’ Safari on the link you have shown

Splash and Dash during CRYO-GEN run day before, 25th July - Event ID 3073265