'Splain me ERG mode. New Kinetic Road Machine Smart Trainer

(Phillip) #1

Hi. Just got a Kurt Road Machine Smart. Using it with zwift, but didn’t feel like the ERG mode (which was turned on in the zwift app) was adjusting to to the difficulty of target watts.

2 questions:
What should I check to make sure this is working, and how would I test it?

If a workout in zwift sets a watts target at 75, then 280, should the trainer be adjusting difficulty to help me get 280 watts? or would it be only following the gradient/road elevation changes?

thank you!

(Michael Tucker) #2

The Kinetic Road Machine Smart Trainer is not a controllable trainer. It’s a fluid trainer which means the resistance just gets harder the faster you go. It does not support ERG mode. Quote from Kurt Kinetic website:

Accurate, affordable and easy to use, the Road Machine | Smart combines intuitive app-based power training with our benchmark fluid trainer. Kinetic inRide sensor technology allows riders to connect with a world of training possibilities with apps like Kinetic Fit, Zwift… No additional sensors or add-ons are needed. Enjoy real-road feel from the precision-calibrated fluid resistance unit and access online training tools, content and power data - all at your fingertips. All backed by the industry’s best warranty. Fluid resistance adjusts with wheel speed and is not app controlled.

(Phillip) #3

Thanks Michael. My apologies, I have a kinetic road machine smart control.

(Tony Weisse) #4

In ERG mode Zwift should be controlling the resistance on your trainer so that you’re always putting out the wattage specified by the workout, no matter what gear or how fast/slow you pedal. You would definitely feel the difference between 75 watts and 280.

The number one thing is to check that ERG mode was set, but you already did that.

If you’re way off the target power (stop pedaling, for example), then Zwift takes you out of ERG mode to let you get back up to speed. It seems you have to put out power close to the target for a few seconds before it tries to re-engage ERG. Sometimes this can be touchy for me and I end up pausing and resuming the workout a couple times to get it to work.

If the Kinetic app has an ERG option give that a try (without Zwift) to verify your trainer is working as expected.