Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Smart?

 I had a very strange FTP test experience yesterday and I’m still trying to figure it out.  I have a KK Road Machine Smart. “Smart” meaning the trainer sends power and cadence info over bluetooth.  Someone suggested to turn off ERG mode before workouts. I don’t have that option because it’s paired only thru the “power” and “cadence” windows, NOT the “controllable trainer”. Got it. 

BUT Look here… 


AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE-- Here’s a list of trainers with the ERG resume feature and which connection it works over:

| Kinetic Road Machine | Smart Control |

So is it or is it NOT a “controllable trainer” and if it is, why can’t Zwift find the BLE connection? It just says, “searching…” 

Hi Carmen,

Yes, the Smart Control trainers are SMART trainers, so they can change resistance and use ERG mode. I don’t know who suggested you turn off ERG mode before workouts but that’s not recommended UNLESS you don’t want to use ERG mode itself.

Within the FTP test, the actual TEST has ERG mode turned off - only the opening intervals has it on.

That being said, do not pair the trainer as cadence unless you have a separate cadence sensor. Pair as both controllable trainer and power source. Also make sure the firmware on your KK Road Machine Smart Control is up-to-date as they leave the factory with an old version that is not compatible with Zwift.

Hey Eric C.!  

Thanks for all your help! I’m participating in the women’s ZA and there was some discussion on the FB about ERG mode and I was wondering why I didn’t have that option, but I think I’ve figured out why.

So there’s a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine “Smart” and a newer Kurt Kinetic Road Machine “Smart Control”. Since the “Smart” is NOT a controllable trainer, it must be paired with the power and cadence sensor only. This is what I’ve gathered on my own, as I’ve opened a support ticket with KK and no one has responded. 

So “Smart” is not controllable and “Smart Control” is. I hadn’t perused their product lineup in a while and had no idea about the later. 

Thanks Again,


Hi Carmen,

Ah - Smart Control vs Smart trainer. Their naming convention seems designed to be confusing. Apologies for misunderstanding!

Is the kinetic inride smart or smart control? And will it sense the gradient on zwift and change it on the trainer? And does it have ERG?