How should Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Smart Pair?

New to all of this, and I did try a search but I didn’t find an answer to my exact question. 

I’m pairing the Road Machine Smart to Zwift and it’s coming up as a power source and cadence and not as a controllable trainer (I understand that it’s not), or as a speed sensor + classic trainer (how I would expect it to connect).

Is Zwift right in pairing it as power source + cadence? Or am I doing something wrong?


Hi Erik, I’d pair it as power and cadence.   Speed+classic trainer means Zwift will estimate the power curve rather than the internal hardware of the trainer.   I’d bet Kurt Kinetic has better calculations for their own hardware, so you should use their power broadcast.

Thanks that worked, and I’ve completed my first session.

On a not so smart trainer, is there a recommended gear? I did the session in the 14/21 gear. If i’m going up a hill is there the expectation to shift gears is so what way? Again total noob trying to understand the basics.