Kinetic Road Machine T-2700 Smart

Hi, please do you have any experience with this trainer using Zwift? Is it considered a smart trainer? Does it broacdast power?

I am considering these two trainers and I will be thankful for any advice :slight_smile:

  1. Kinetic Road Machine T-2700 Smart
  2. Tacx Satori Smart T2400

Thanks a lot for any information :slight_smile:

Looking at their product pages both will work with Zwift as they both broadcast power according to the manufacturer.

However, they will not simulate resistance based on grade in Zwift nor would they be able to be used in ERG mode.

The Kinetic is a fluid trainer and the Tacx is a manual resistance unit (there is a corded controller you use to change the resistance as you ride)

Thanks for an answer.

How does it work this fluid trainer when I can´t control a resistance please?

You won’t change resistance with the magnetic trainer either. Zwift will tell you what setting to use and you never change it.

So you will change gears to go faster.

Look at the power curves for both trainers, I would guess the Kinetic will have a higher power limit.

The short of it is as your wheel speed gets faster the “resistance” increases due to the nature of fluid dynamics.