Spinning Bowflex C6 Help

Hello ! so i have done my first test on Zwift yesterday and i found out that my watt and speed were really not reflecting reality. I could barely hold 140 Watt where im usally able to hold 200watts for hours on the road. The speed on the bike was also a lot higher than on the zwift app. Is there anything the could be done to calibrate the bike ?


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The bike speed and Zwift won’t match, the bike does not know if you go up hill or down hill.

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Hey Gerrie, thanks for the comment ! Although my ride was totally flat +20m only so technically should have been around the same right ?

Please read this: How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

I am sure @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ was going to post it anyways.

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Thanks Paul ! although its more my power that im worried about ! any clue ?

The C6 is not very accurate as far as reported power goes. I am sure there are a few threads on here about it.