Newbie intro, Bowflex C6 rider seeking info


I am new here as of this last weekend. My wife bought us a Bowflex C6 for our anniversary, for an indoor training option. I am a fairly strong rider (mostly mountain, now a fair bit of Gravel too, with some rode thrown in) in my later 50’s, but lost my outside group ride that pushed me in terms of intensity, so have been just of bike riding, mostly MTB and Gravel, with a good bit of road biking on my new gravel bike. In my first few rides on Zwift, I can see where i can find some of that competitive motivation.

I use a Garmin Fenix 3 and strava on my bikes, and have never had a power meter. Strava has a random number of 200 something in my FTP, but I have done no real testing, and have no outdoor power meters. Just a Garmin Fenix 3 watch that tracks my rides. And I need to add the speed sensor, as the distanced seems off on known trails. Will learn how I can do that, and am looking into a power meter(s) for my outside bikes, and maybe will consider something for this spin bike.

But I want to see how accurately I can set up this bike. It also now connects as “Controllable” and seems change the resistance accordingly! Anyone else experience that?

Meanwhile, I want to find out how best to set up this Bowflex C6, which I guess is the same as the Schwinn IC4, to get things as accurate as they can be while I learn more about adding a power meter, and how best to use this gear to enhance my training.


I also am interested in combining my outdoor workouts with my Zwift, though I guess that might be something I just do in Strava.

Crickets. Any Bowflex/Schwinn users here willing to connect and share experiences, and some advice?

Those devices do not have a real or accurate power meter so there’s really nothing you can do other than buying power meter pedals. Don’t those things use a knob to increase resistance?

There’s a few threads on this. Will post a few.

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Thank you!

Yes, this is what I am finding, and use, they have a knob resistance controller, for the magnetic resistance.