New to this, so any pointers would be fantastic!

I started my cycling adventure this morning, and I have a couple of questions.

I have a Schwinn IC4 that appears to link up with zwift, however during my 30-ish minute ride. I noticed that what I was seeing on the bike itself was quite a bit different than what the app was showing. The bike said I rode about nine miles, but the app was showing three. The bike also showed that I was riding at around 15mph, but the app showed considerably less.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there a way to sync the speed?

It’s not super important, since the main thing is being more fit. But, being fairly competitive. I really want the data to be correct. Since the app appears to be very goal oriented.

Thanks again. :grin:

There is are a few threads which address this issue of the IC4 and its accuracy and compatibility with Zwift. You may want to start with this one:

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Ignore what the bike is telling you in terms of distance, speed etc. It doesn’t know about the terrain that you’re riding on in Zwift, and other factors as well, so the two will never match.


Thanks! I recalibrated the unit, now at least my resistance seems correct. I messed around with it a little last night and saw that the mph is waaaaay off. So I decided to just cover up the mph, and the miles traveled so it doesn’t mess with my head too much. I’ll just go off of the app. It seems to be reading the rpms pretty close to what the bike says.