Bowflex C6 (same as Schwinn IC4) now connecting as “Controllable!”

Hey all, we set up our new Bowflex C6 last weekend, and I started using it with Zwift. At first, it would just connect the speed and cadence and heart rate sensors (I am going ahead and using the included wrist strap rather than my Garmin Fenix 3 while on this bike, as it is already there and connected), and I was off and riding and exploring Zwift, But a few days later, when I fired up the bike and Zwift, it connected as Controllable. Seriously, with all 4 of the options now blue, including cadence, speed, heart rate, and “controllable.” Then I noticed that it seemed like the resistance was being controlled in accordance with what was going on in the game. But thought maybe I was imagining things as I did not think it had that capability. Especially on the flat rides I was exploring at the time. But yesterday, riding in France, and after I learned how to see in the upper right what the grade of incline was, I could confirm it. It definitely feels like the resistance is being controlled, and the power and speed numbers seem I was watching seem to confirm it. Did some new capability get added recently? All the vids and instructional stuff I have seen say that the firmware in the bike did not have that capability yet. Maybe it got upgraded?

I have read more, and I see that quite a few people have the bike connect as controllable, but it still doesn’t control resistance. I could have sworn that was what I was feeling, but maybe I am wrong. Will double check it. And if it does, will video the numbers changing over terrain.

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Yeah, I am thinking I was just tired trying to climb the huge hill in the French terrain, and was imagining it. I had increased tension manually at the bottom of the hill, from 36 to 50 something, and think my muscles were just getting tired as I climbed. So, never mind on the “controllable” feature really controlling the tension on the Bowflex and Schwinn spin bikes. Oh well. Hoping they figure it out. Meanwhile, I will just see if I can get my bike calibrated as well as it can be, and manually adjust for what I am doing.

I have the IC4 and it also showed up this way, but isn’t being controlled. But it was exciting while I thought it was!

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