Bowflex C6 resistance levels


I just started Zwift. I’m using the Bowflex C6 bike (which is the same as the Schwinn IC8). I was wondering if anyone using a similar setup has a broad rule of thumb for the resistance levels. ~25 feels about right for flatland, but what are y’all doing for hills? I should I crank UP the resistance going uphill to simulate a single-speed bike? Or lower the resistance going up hill for more RPMs simulating a lower speed of a geared bike? Just curious what other users do. Sorry for the noob-y questions haha, still getting a feel for everything.



I just ordered a Bowflex C6. Was concerned about this same issue – how do you simulate resistance on the rides? Have you figured anything out?


So far I’ve been at 25 resistance on flat/downhill & then I crank up from 30-50 on hills depending on how steep. I wish there was just a readout that said what resistance to use haha.

Hi, I just Starting using Zwift this week with my Bowflex C6 (have been using Peloton with the C6, but wanted to try something different, I wasn’t digging the spin class setting). I agree and found 25 resistance to be the sweet spot For flat roads, but have been searching for Some kind of chart that correlates incline % on the app to a resistance number on the bike. I’ve just been winging it and adding about 10 resistance per each % incline over 2%. Based on Bowflex’s website I thought this would be synced with Zwift and resistance would be auto adjusted, but hoping they add that in the future. Let me know if you found anything that actually charts that out.

I just had my first ride with a Bowflex C6 and swift this evening. I found it quite tricky to set the resistance accurately and was really just trying to feel what cadence was about right for the terrain I was on versus the speed the swift app was showing me to be doing.

Not an exact science and I have read on other forums the only way to get a truly ‘realistic’ workout is to install power meter pedals that link to swift and can tell you the real watts you are putting in.

Anyone tried these here? They are about $400 so quite an expense on top of the $1000 for the bike.

On my bow flex C6, I have been using the below resistance.

0-2%= 20
3% = 30

This seems to give the closest correct watts on the ride.
Please provide feedback how what scale you have been using.