Schwinn 800ic - Advice please - Resistance levels

I’m a brand new indoor cyclist using a Schwinn 800ic (the new IC8) . I use my ipad and Zwift. Does anybody know how I can estimate the resistance level when doing a incline? ie - 10% incline = ? 1-100 resistance?

Hi @Roy_Dowling_MPS

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You can set the trainer difficulty to 0 and there will be no resistance on the climbs.

Yes, I know that but I want to make it as realistic as possible. Wondered if anybody on the forum has one and how they use it to set resistance level to the percentage of the incline.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ I believe this is not a controllable trainer, so resistance is set manually via a knob and there’s no trainer difficulty setting available in Zwift.

@Roy_Dowling_MPS you may find some interesting bits by searching this forum for Schwinn IC4 or Bowflex C6, but you’ll probably get better advice from the Facebook group for this product, or by asking Schwinn directly.

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Thanks Paul. I didn’t look it up. Ignore my advice.

Thanks for your help guys. I didn’t think to look a facebook. I’ll check it out.

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