New User - hints and tips please

Hi, i am new to this.
Ive recently purchased the Schwin i800 indoor excercise bike after seeing it could pair with the bike. Reading online it states the bike will adjust resistance accordingly.

I jumped on and done a small cycle last night but not sure if the bike adjusted accordingly. Is there a setting i need to adjust?

Also, is there any other hints and tips which will enhance my experience?

Thankz in advance.


Do you have a link to say it will adjust as usual indoor spin bikes have no automatic resistance changes. Usually you would have to adjust the knob yourself to increase/decrease resistance.

Check your pairing screen and see if it shows as controllable as well as power would indicate if it is controllable.


Hi, id need to look one out. Its maybe my misinterpretation of the content. Which is likely the case.

In that event. Whats the best way to adjust resistance when cycling. As in whats the indicator on my screen for when to change. Apologies… absolutely newbie here.

it is called “Resistance” now as controls are for for play controllers or other steering/shifting devices.

on the mini map in the upper right corner of the screen there is a gradient number, 0 - 20%, as that number increases you will want to increase the resistance manually.

Thanks Mike. Appreciate that.