Spinning and admin for 15 bikes

I’m a spinning instructor that want to admin 15 Bodybikes to a meetup.

Could be great to do this from IQniter. This because I’ve already have registered the rider to power, RPM and HR. Alternatively Zwift can have that function I guess.

Also there is a need for a file export with the training stats. Again, it would be comfortable to have the file sent to IQniter. All riders are registered with their Email address as a link to who is who.

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having no knowledge of IQniter but a quick google sounds more like a competitor for zwift so i’m not sure exactly what your request is but it’s unlikely to get much traction.

IQniter is far from a competitor I would say. Just a software to monitor performance, setup exercises manually, admin riders and monitor devices.

It’s just that we have a admin tool already. Most fitness centers that do spinning classes have.

Even so, the main question is if we can fits solution on admin 15 bikes through 1 license.

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The answer would be no. Each user will need to have his/he own Zwift account.

No except but now a bit about coding. What would it take to develop?

I don’t understand the question? What code do you want to develop?

I can’t imagine a workaround that wouldn’t involve violating the license terms. If you want to steal the product, the company forum probably isn’t the best place to talk about it.

User case:

  • Need of a new type of user license - type “Multiple”.

This user will have access to X regular licenses. The “Multiple” user should be able to admin these users. The username and password for the “Multiple” user will be copied to the “Regular” user accounts. “Multiple” user have all rights to the “Regular” user accounts. Also setting Meetups. Meaning when the “Multiple” user activate a meetup, the attached “Regular” users will be assigned the meetup.

When a training session is completed the training statistics will be gathered and saved to the “Multiple” user. It should be possible to export these statistics in a .fit and .xlsx format.

What do you mean? I’m trying to explain a good and new opportunity to a business case for Zwift.

Imagine all the fitness centers around the world that have spinning sessions. You are talking millions of classes every year.

What could be any better than have these on the customer list?

Sorry I thought you were talking about coding this yourself. It’s a fine idea but Zwift doesn’t even have a family plan despite years of requests for it.

The only solution available is to have each user create an account (can be free trial) then have them follow your account, you create a meetup with a group workout and invite them all, they join the workout.

You’d need to contact them directly to ask permission to use their product in a business context like this. As far as I know it’s not allowed, probably because they can’t know if you’re exploiting their software to earn money over and above the subscription fee.

I think what could work, is if Zwift could provide a “Zwift Class” subscription where you got one admin and x number of class participants. The class participants are registered per class/session by email. Their user is freed when the class is over. The admin creates the group workout or whatever and displays his screen on the projector. Each participant/bike need to have the Companion App and log in with email and a session key, given by the admin. They could use their private Zwift user if they want to. Each participant would get an email with a summary of their workout. The admin would get the data for all participants.

@Anders_Fagerjord I think your idea would make spinning classes much more fun and interactive, but as @Paul_Southworth said, you should not hold your breath.

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(Also in the ‘won’t happen’ category, I’d imagine…)

Zwift could license an even more stripped down version of the app for spin classes than @OleKristian is talking about. A business pays for the app/access/account, on a per/user basis (you could pay to be able to have X number of users at a time, with scaling). Each user, for that class, has an avatar, and they ride on a Zwift map. Could be KOMs, Sprints, etc. Don’t bother with stats accumulating across multiple rides–the majority of people I know who take spin classes at gyms don’t track their mileage, they just show up to workout. So give them their data for that workout, and that workout only, and move on. No personal accounts, just avatars linked to bikes in the gym.

With this model, Zwift doesn’t have to keep anything on their servers at all. The class starts, each bike is assigned to an avatar controlled by that bike, and off you go. Next class, same thing.

Like running regular Zwift offline, but stripped of a lot of the features (no garage, levels, sweat drops, etc.), more streamlined. Once it was up and running, and depending on pricing, it could be easy money for Zwift. Upfront investment, minimal upkeep.

Won’t happen, but could.


Thank you all for the good feedback and ideas. (@OleKristian, @Tom_J).

I have contacted Zwift directly. It was them telling me to ask the forum.

Sorry, not being clear in my first posts.

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Hi Zwifters,
I have a kind of similare question, but not nessesarly related to admin or bulk membership.
As member of a cyckle club which is now looking into possibillity to create our own pain cave for 15 smart bikes / spinning cyckles. What is the possibillities, will each cyckle need it’s own computer/pad? Are there other options? Would been great to have all riders on same screen, to get the live feeling. Companion app could solve the in time data for each rider. Screen could focus on an admin user.
How does Zwift solve their live sessions, is it only one-by-one rides?

All separate devices.