MeetUp Zwifter Metrics for Coach to see

I have been using MeetUps to coach my triathletes since March. To enhance my coaching during the ride it would be great to see each of their metrics to keep them on task. I also would love to be able to create a “workout” for a MeetUp. Any of these features in the pipeline?

Coach Jill

Hi @Jill_Baulieu, you can already do a workout in a meetup, directions on

As for the power metrics, are you riding with them during the meetup? You could use the fan view to see how they are doing in real time. Wouldn’t that work? You would only be able to view them one at a time, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for your speedy response! I guess I was hesitant to use a “hack” as a way to instruct my clients. There is room for error here as I do not set it up for them ahead of time but instead I rely on them to pick the correct workout. I will give it a try with fingers crossed they will catch on😊

I do ride with them. I use apple TV so I run zwift on the big screen and zoom on my ipad so I can see them and talk to them. Although I am having trouble hearing them so I am still working on this. I also have my phone close by incase anyone texts me with any issues before we get started. So, I guess I would need to figure out how to get to fan view using the apple controller. This has been so much fun! When will I be able to pick France for a MeetUp?

Thank you for your time and expertise!


Jill Baulieu


There’s additional work that needs to be done to open the France map as a regularly scheduled world, We’re looking at mid-August ETA for all the things to converge.