Spindown function that works

Currently the spindown function never works with Wahoo Kickr Snap. Measured wheel speed never goes to zero even when the bike wheel has stopped.

Spindown in Wahoo app works every time.

i’ve noticed this, too. it seems to succeed more often for me if i only go to the “calibrate” menu after my wheel has stopped spinning.

Hmm, interesting. I tried that yesterday and it worked for me too.

Maybe the spindown routine just needs to refuse to start if wheel speed is not zero?

I wasn’t convinced the calibration was the same as the Wahoo app.

i agree, it’s weird that it wouldn’t just wait for the wheel to stop.

also, sometimes i go in there with a stopped wheel and it still shows 2 or 3 mph before i even start pedalling – that’s another sure sign that i went to the menu before it was “ready”, and it’s unlikely the spindown will succeed. just cancel out and try again.

either way, it seems detectable by the spindown code, and also required, so it’s odd it doesn’t wait.

Wohoo’s own spindown routine in the iOS utility app doesn’t seem to care if you start with the wheel already spinning. So long as you hit 37kmph and stop pedalling it works.

Maybe Zwift should ask Wahoo for some hints on writing code…