Spin down

I can’t get my trainer to do a spin down on Zwift or on the wahoo app? Any ideas? Thanks

You might need to give more detail about what trainer it is.

Also how its connected?
What device are you using for Zwift?

And what exactly is happening in more detail?

Should be able to assist then.

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Everything is connected properly, I’m doing rides and races but want to spin down, when I go through the prompts it gives me a bogus speed and says cancel. The wahoo spin down was working a couple of days ago but now is not working either, the trainer is connecting the Zwift and and wahoo app. Thanks Paul

The wahoo spin down will probably not work while the trainer is connected to Zwift or any other app turn everything off before trying to spin down

You’ve not answered anything of what i asked. You’ll struggle to get help without this information.

Stuart, sorry about that, I have a kicker connected through my phone, via blue tooth to the Zwift app.When I press on the wrench to do the spin down and get to the step to peddle up to speed, at that point it 150 mph or 0, and then says the device is not connecting. My other question is the spin down on the wahoo app compatible or sufficient for the Zwift app. Thanks Paul

Calibration is saved to the trainer and does not need to be performed in multiple apps. I recommend doing all calibration in the Wahoo app, with the Zwift app not running and nothing else paired to the trainer. If calibration in the Wahoo app fails, contact Wahoo support.

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