Cannot calibrate

Hi zwifters i have an issue with the calibration and i dont even see the wrench in the pair devices icon…i try to calibrate with the wahoo app too but the spindown fails all the time…i appreciate any help thanks…!!!

The general recommendation seems to be to use the manufacturer’s app to calibrate your trainer, but you’re having trouble with that too. Might be worth contacting wahoo.

But if you can tell us which wahoo trainer you have someone here may be able to help.

Make sure when using the Wahoo App that you don’t have Zwift also open, Zwift will steal the signal from the trainer. Make sure Zwift is closed and you only are using the Wahoo App.

I have zwift hub thanks

I dont have any other app open during the spindown with wahoo thanks

Providing your Zwift Hub is on firmware version 4.0 or later it will have self calibration enabled. So there’s no need to do a self calibration.

My filmware is up to date so my trainer will automatically calibrated?There is any action i must do?..thanks