Can’t calibrate smart trainer

I got the sign on zwift that I need to calibrate my smart trainer. So I did the spin down, and zwift said it was successful at the end, but it continues to show that I need to calibrate… any ideas how to resolve??? Thanks!!!

Use the trainer manufacturers app to calibrate.

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I did, but it still tells me the same

Tell us more details about your setup.

I have the wahoo kickr core. And all seems connected right when I start

Where exactly is this message coming up, saying that you need to calibrate, and what does it say exactly?

The wrench icon is just there to let you calibrate. It’s not telling you that you need to calibrate. It’s always there when Zwift is working correctly, so forget about it and Ride On. :ride_on:

:woman_facepalming:t2::joy::joy: and I was getting crazy because I thought it means I have to calibrate. Thanks to all and sorry, but I am new to zwift :sweat_smile: