Speed sensor not pairing on Cycleops Magnus

Magnus is not listed on Zwift as a speed sensor trainer option. Only listed are Jet and Magneto. I can only use cadence sensor, not the speed (using Garmin 520) with a PC.

on the pairing screen, you should have the choice of a Power Source or a Speed Sensor.  For the Magnus, you should pair it as a power source and not a speed sensor.   And also pair the Magnus as a Controllable Trainer.

If you have a separate cadence sensor, you can pair that as well.  Alternately, the Magnus now will broadcast cadence, so you can choose the Magnus as the cadence sensor if you wish.

The Garmin 520 has no impact on or function for Zwift pairing.

Ride on!

Thanks. But the speed in not accurate on Swift. I may be riding in the 14mph range but the Swift program says I’m riding 3-5 mph! I would like some accuracy to speed, not just cadence. What do you advise?

Speed within Zwift for zPower is calculated by taking the rear wheel speed the power curve of the trainer selected and converted to watts, with those watts your weight, in-game bike used, in-game drafting and virtual elevation changes is in-game speed is determined. The speed of your rear wheel and the in-game speed will handly ever match.

But I’m riding and my cycle image is stationary. Not moving at all even though I am pedaling fast. Says cadence and power meter are paired. But speed is 0 mph and not moving. I need help w this. As if no communication between Cycelops, Zwift even though program says connected. 

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Please give use a run down of your setup. The device used for Zwift and speed/cadence, HRM and any other devices you are wanting to connect to Zwift.