Magnus or Garmin Vector

Recently I bought a smart trainer the cycleops magnus.
Currently I also have my garmin vector pedals.
What do you recommend to measure the power in zwift? the Magnus or the Garmin Pedals?
I calibrated my magnus in Cycle Virtual Training and the power shown by Zwift versus Garmin Vector is almost double.
Or is it better to calibrate it with zwift?
Best Greeting from Guatemala

While pairing with the power sensor in your Magus would be less complicated, using your Garmin Vectors should make your readings even more accurate and they should work together.

If you’d like to try that setup out, please make sure neither your Magnus or your Vectors are currently paired to anything. Check both the CycleOps and Garmin support apps for firmware updates on both your Magnus and your Vector pedals, then complete a calibration for both if offered.

Afterward, un-pair your Magnus and Vectors from the official support apps if necessary, then ensure the apps aren’t running in the background on your device while loading Zwift. In Zwift, pair your Magnus as both Power Source and Controllable, then unpair your Magnus as Power Source and pair your Vector 3 pedals instead. If you should notice multiple pairing options come up for your Vectors, just connect to one.

The inaccurate speed readings you were noticing from your Vector may have something to do with your other app either doubling or not combining power output readings from your Vector pedals. Different apps should read from your pedals differently, though.

It’s best to calibrate with your device’s official support app, but calibrating in Zwift achieves the same thing. I’d suggest the official support app the first few times you calibrate, but just because their app will also allow you to check for firmware updates.

If you should run into any issues or concerns using your Vectors with your Magnus, please let us know so we can help.