Speed sensor pairs, in game speed low

Hello everyone. I am trying to setup and use Zwift on an older road bike and Cycleops fan trainer. I know the general consensus is to purchase a smart trainer but I am looking for a solution before this is possible.

I have the Garmin speed, cadence, and heart rate sensors which connect to my Fenix 5 simultaneous to my PC desktop where I have Bluetooth and ANT+ connection (both have had the same results which is where that is relevant).

When I pair the equipment everything goes smoothly. The speed sensor even shows a reading in the paired screen which is consistent (close enough without the Zwift map variables) with my Garmin watch, we’ll say between 15-20mph. I then enter the game and either just ride the course or try a workout. I often make it 5-10 minutes before the speed completely drops from a reasonable cycling speed down to 3-5mph, pedaling faster does absolutely nothing and eventually I come to a near standstill. This occurs while I am pedaling at the same pace so I know it is not a change in what I am doing.

I have tried this on Bluetooth, ANT+, and even moved the sensors closer together thinking it is a connection issue. While this problem occurs and while I am still riding I will go back into the pair screen, where it continues to display a more accurate reading of my speed and is consistent with my Garmin watch. I know I have a very dumb trainer setup but I cannot figure out why it would display appropriately in the pair screen AND work from the start, then display a low setting as I continue my ride.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @Cameron_Apt

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Your Garmin and Zwift won’t show the same speed in the game.

When the road go up your speed will go down if you hold the same power.

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Hello @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ.

I do understand that but my concern is that the speed within the Zwift pairing screen is not consistent with the speed on the Zwift in-game riding screen. It also works perfectly well to start and then shows a discrepancy with the in-put effort and out-put speed as compared to the same ride start to finish.

I am not concerned with it not showing numbers consistent with Garmin, that is just my reference, I am concerned that it seems as if the display is not accurate as with the true reading of the Garmin speed sensor and as shown within Zwifts own pairing menu.

I know @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ is going to post this sooner or later: https://forums.zwift.com/t/how-does-zwift-determine-my-speed


LOL :joy::joy: I was just getting the link.

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That makes sense. I will give it a shot and see it through.

Thank you

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Your displayed speed decreases, do your power numbers also drop?

No, power numbers seem to remain “normal”. Although I will admit I have not paid as much attention to them in the process as my speed slows to 0.