Speed of other riders

I’m pretty new to swift, but I’ve noticed something that is, to me, inexplicable. Today, for instance, I cycled the Ride to Sky route. While climbing Alpe Du Zwift I was passed by several riders who were easily going more than 10 times my pace. I’m not particularly speedy, and I’d say sometimes I was crawling at 4 MPH. But a few other riders were moving at a 40 MPH pace, and maybe faster! Is there some glitch that just gives the impression that other riders have rocket speed? Is there some other explanation?

Small group “meetups” still getting turbo speed on their rubberbanded rides?

Could also be plain cheating, but also possibly a glitch on the user’s trainer or just very badly configured. Or some sort of other software glitch.

You can flag riders like this as a “flier” via Zwift Companion for Zwift to look at.

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I think even at 2000w they wouldn’t be going that fast. 2000w pace solo is around 65kph on a flat.

I had thought maybe a keep together meetup, but if it’s a rider alone doing impossible speed then maybe trainer fault.

I know there are some quick riders on there, but you can pick the dodgy efforts because their power often remains exactly the same with no dips/peaks that we would expect when you change gears or negotiate changing gradients.

Is there an easy way to report those riders (with insane speeds or w/kg numbers) to you guys and girls from Zwift? If not I would seriously consider this option as it takes the fun out of riding on Zwift (at least for me).

Yep, follow this: Reporting Another Zwifter

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I would caution to observe the rider for a while before reporting, that you can do using companion app.

You’ll be able to pick the ones who are fast for real versus those who aren’t genuine.

I want to thank everyone who commented on my question.

I don’t really care myself if other riders may or may not be gaming (“cheating”) the Zwift system. Any competitive riding I do is purely friendly and informal in nature. I just wondered how some of these speeds I see are attainable.

Many of these rocket-fast riders move in and out of my observation so fast I don’t have time (or inclination) while I’m cycling myself to follow them electronically. I know my own Zwifting closely mimics real life cycling and that’s good enough for me, for my own physical training and maintenance. The momentary observations I made of these super-fast riders suggested their power levels were in normal range for average riders, which only increased my curiosity of how they were attaining these incredible speeds.

There was one small group of maybe 4-5 riders, all of which were riding at incredible speed. At the time I was around 4-5 MPH in a fairly long straightaway, and they were beyond visibility within about 5 seconds. Just incredible speed. When I glanced at their power levels they were all close to my own. But, thanks again for the responses.

It’s also possible that you are experiencing connection issues, which could manifest in other riders seeming to “teleport” a long way ahead of you quickly.

Normally if riders are moving very fast then their power will reflect that on your screen, although the Meetups bug will make their power look normal while they could be going close to 30mph (though not 40mph).


the teleport deal is a real thing. I had this happen in an event once and everybody lost their cookies. I lost connection and it delayed about 10-15 seconds and when I got reconnected it moved me at a speed that nobody could produce back into the group ride. It was crazy!