Some minimal effort of detecting cheating/misconfiguration would be nice.

Screenshot shows that a scenario where the 0.20km sprint is hold by 4.92 seconds time which means an average speed of over 146km/h. Less than half the time of the second best (which also means that it was done riding alone and not drafting in a group).


This is not a one time thing, I frequently notice that the record holder is way faster than the rest and average speed corresponding to some extreme World record breaking effort done.

I would like to emphasize that I do not claim these people/riders are necessarily cheating, it could just as well be some misconfiguration. But it makes the segment records/comparisons a bit of joke that some unrealistic times often appear at the top.

My suggestion is to at least have some realistic speed cap/minimum time requirement on the segments (could easily be derived from various world records).

Off-topic: Maybe this is more of a feature request. I ended placing it here as it is meant more as feedback on the demotivating effect of seeing these unrealistic records more than a request to have it fixed by my suggestion.
I would also argue that the categories are somewhat overlapping.

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Hi Kristoffer,

This is some good information.

I edited your picture to remove the names of the riders, we don’t want to draw attention or call out people in the forum. As you said it could just be a bad setup.


Ha! Wouldn’t that be great. Yesterday I flagged a rider who, I think, had the top time at numerous sprint/KOM points. When I looked up their profile in the companion app it appeared to be the first ride for this ‘person’ and they were holding a constant 1200 watts, and their ride was at around 750 miles. I think it would be great if there was something running in the background to automatically removed ‘riders’ like this.


I had a guy/gal pass me three times in the last week. Their speed was extreme - maybe 200 kph on a flat stretch with no drafting. The sound when they pass is a high pitched whistle. Some code in the program should detect this kind of superhuman effort and as punishment and deterrent, they would be sent off-course at the next bend, crashing into a tree and getting auto-logged out with any saving of their misdeeds.

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There is actually a check in Zwift for that if they go to fast in certain segments they will get a cone and a notice.

zwift-warning-pro-cyclist zwift-cone-of-shame

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I don’t understand why Zwift has KOMs/leader boards etc when it just lets people with unrealistic data continually ride around Watopia. One flew past me the other day, had in excess of 140km’s and riding at power > 10w/kg forever, thus taking KOMs. This wasn’t a bad configuration IMO, flying past other riders 4 times faster woudl be obvious to them, purposeful cheating and annoying others, or just using a bot to level up.

Will Zwift ever do anything about this, I beleive I can answer that myself, as long as they are paying subscription money then NO…been searching the forum and back in Apr’15 they said they had unrealistic speed detection in development… must still be in development as this guy was doing 70mph+ I guess for 2 hours+, or its been shelved as it may upset the cheaters and revenue streams.

EDIT: Admin removed rider names

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Hi @Father_Damo2

you can report those riders. see this post. Reporting Suspicious Riders [July 2021]


Thanks for the link but Is that for racing only…? My grumble is those just riding around normally and viewing their performance against others on KOMs’ etc. Would they even bother looking into that rider??

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You will find that some people are paying others to get the Tron Bike quickly.
Hence you get these bots flying around Zwift.
As quick as zwift delete them, they create another as its an income for the Bot rider.

Personally, I think all zwift bikes should be fitted with a 12 gauge to the bars… Then you can just shoot the Bot to pieces.