First time poster so let me know if not appropriate. I was cycling up towards the top of the Volcano in Watopia breathing hard, when someone whizzed past me doing 8w/kg and taking top place on the leaderboard. I’m assuming this is misrepresentation (if not cheating). How is this possible in Zwift?

ANT emulator bot, it is a way of cheating. You can flag the person using the companion app I believe.

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It can be many thinks, from a bad setup to intentional cheating. It is hard to tell. But you can flag him to bring it to Zwift attention.

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There are, ohhhhh, about a dozen ways to easily “cheat” in Zwift which I won’t mention here to give the less savory population any ideas.

I see more people riding around in Zwift each day at TDF performance levels than the Tour itself. Just ignore theses pathetic, ego driven people. When they look in the mirror, deep down they know they can’t hack it with the honest riders who training their, our, butts off.

However, Zwift makes little effort to stop them right now. (Not no effort, but very little.) I mean they might rage quit or even have to forcibly ban someone and there goes 14.99 a month right? Ah, the joys and problems of having an online community which pays the bills, literally.

A sad situation, but true.


Ok Eric. Maybe I’m judging based on my own assumptions about what should be possible. I think his average speed was about 21mph, which seemed a little fast but maybe he was just very strong. Thank you.

I can register over 10k for a very short time if I like. I don’t cheat. How long were they holding 8? It seems rather unfair to accuse someone of cheating without evidence.

It wasn’t really an accusation, but yes, I stand corrected.

Kudos to you Eric! Thibaut Pinot only managed just over 17mph average on that segment in Strava, so you must be very strong. Thanks for your insites. As I said, I am new to Zwift and feeling my way - I’m not used to cycling with elites, so my bad. Thanks

Read back your first post. You literally acoused them of cheating. You even imply it by the every title of this thread.

Weight doping is common method. I’ve given up worrying about it to be honest, the cheats will feel it in real life anyway.

ANT+ rigged lawnmower engines. Very common on Zwift.