Reporting e-Dopers

Riding Watopia last night I noticed multiple riders using an ANT+ simulator to either gain elevation or XP in the game (holding exactly 6W/kg for 30 minutes or more). Is Zwift tracking these riders, as it should be fairly easy to spot in the post-ride data due to the tiny standard deviation on the power figures.

One of the riders I looked at has quite a successful racing history on ZP.

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I do think Zwift should be more proactively going after people who use ANT+ simulators on the platform.

One grey area is that some people do it for useful, legitimate reasons. The ZwiftInsider speed tests, for example.

Of course, in those cases the simulator should only ever be used on a separate account, not the person’s primary account. If that were the case it would be simple to whitelist a few known accounts, and automatically ban anyone else using a simulator.

I think one problem though is that Zwift as a business won’t want to be in that position of banning users of their service, even if it is against the Terms of Service.

If you see those riders again you can Flag them using the companion app.

One more thing regarding the Zwiftanalizer tests, those test are done behind a firewall so no other riders will see the bot on the road.

It’s not just about that though, IMO. It’s also about people adding miles, XP, Drops etc. on their primary account. If Drops are supposed to be earnt in order to buy cool stuff in the shop (some of it level locked), that should apply equally to everyone.

If running offline or behind a firewall means no XP, drops etc. are accumulated on the account, fair enough.

You are correct, I should have said behind a firewall and an anonymous account.

I agree if any simulator is used it should not be a user account, earning XP or drops or achievements should be done using your own power and abilities.

Something like this? A problem I myself have been having.

If those drops and elevation points have already been earned, but lost due to software glitches, is it not fair play to get them back through robotic means? It’s possibly a grey area that.