Activity details don't load. XP point, drops lost

yesterday I did the Mountain 8 route. When I finished the route I try to save it, but the app (on Windows laptop) freezed. I found the activity on my profle but it seems not complete (misses a couple of kilimeters) ad I am not able to load activity details.
Worst of all I lost my XP points, drops and the badge for the new route.
I was able to find the .fit file in the documents/zwift/activities directory and I loaded it in Garmin Connect (and so in Strava) and it’s complete!
I found also an file but it is smaller the the previous one.
Is there any way to get back XP points, drops and badge?

PS: forgive my english, I’m italian.

Same here yesrerday -.-

Did you get back your Drops from zwift support or something like this or any Kind of help?

It‘s very frustrating