Blatant Obvious Cheating

Anyone else notice this guy in ToW lately? Interesting that blatant repeated, super obvious cheating hasn’t been flagged by Zwift (and banned) after almost a week. I thought they could automatically detect this stuff. LoL

I’m just here to upvote this.

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Maybe follow along/update on this other thread (to save multi threads on same subject).

And please use this reporting tool to flag, as others have.

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I’ve reported this user via the Companion App.

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I’ve reported this user via app.

The form appears to be broken already, I keep getting “Your submission was not successful.” messages after filling out all fields and submitting.

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I think this activity is silly.
Why would someone take time to create a robot to cheat in order to get a make believe bike?
The multiple TOW rides don’t bother me but why is he entering races?
Just free ride and get your SWAG.

Disclaimer : I ride multiple route repeats to level up.

Well, there aren’t many who can hold 400 watts for hours at a time, and also, if you can cheat and then make yourself look good(which he doesn’t seem to do) it is tempting…

I admire his dedication and consistency/ repeatability!

One possibility is to then sell the account to someone else, already levelled-up.