Find Swift riders my speed

I’m new to Zwift and apparently pretty slow – I get dropped by 95% of other riders. How can find riders who are about my speed? 1.2W/KG

there’s a few group rides that are in that range… try this link to run a text filter on 1.0 - 1.3:

Here’s one: ZER Easy Riders Base Miles with Kirk & Dave (1.0 - 1.2 w/kg)

Sounds good. I’ll try it. Thanks.

Also, if you have a wheels on (rear tyre on a roller type) trainer, check your calibration. It is possible you are working much harder than it shows.

Fixed … I think. I cleaned my roller, aired up my tire and didn’t screw the roller down as tight on the tire. Still not among the fastest, but now I occasionally can pass another rider and my W/KG is up to the 1.5 range. Thanks. Will join ZER Easy Riders next opportunity. :nerd_face:

the recommendation on roller tightness I think was to let the back wheel free spin, then tighten the roller just until the wheel stops… then I think do 2 full turns. Read that from one of the random external zwift sites