Speed laughably bad?

(Paul Curran) #1

On Elite Arion rollers (no power) with Garmin speed & cadence sensors.  In real life, top gear, flat out, Garmin registering 20+mph, hr 180+ … and Zwift showing 5mph & I’m getting overtaken by everyone in sight …

Am I missing a setup/config somewhere?



(Matt Robinson Westbury Wheelers) #2

I might be wrong, but I thought the Elite rollers had no resistance unit?


Your speed on Zwift is controlled by your estimated power output, not your rear wheel speed.  So if there is not much effort involved, you won’t appear to go very quick.

(Dave Turpin *USMES*) #3

Rollers are not “supported” without a power meter.  So you have to pick the “generic” trainer which will give usually lower output to be fair to others. 

This is all covered in the basic setup page.

(John McKnight (C)) #4

Elite publish the power curve come see:



Come on Zwift, catch up.