Singlespeed bike on Zwift, speed sensor for rollers?

I’d like to use my track bike for Zwift sometimes (usually when my road bike is in the shop). Is there any way to do this with a Kickr Core? I found this adaptor but it’s expensive, looks like a massive pain in the butt, and is sold out anyway.

I also have a set of very nice but dumb Kreitler rollers. The track bike doesn’t have a power meter and I’d rather not buy another one. I’ve tried using the track bike on rollers with my Garmin speed and cadence sensors but it never goes well. The ANT+ connection with the sensors is shaky at best - they usually don’t even get detected. When they do work long enough to try to ride, it underestimates power badly… like 80-100w for what feels like a 300w effort. I know zPower won’t be as accurate as a real power meter but this is too much of a discrepancy. The rollers have a resistance unit which I’ve set to feel like a real road and allows me to hit 600w+ on the road bike (measured with a crank power meter, not zPower). I’ve tried playing with different wheel sizes and dumb trainer options in the pairing screen but nothing seems to work.

tl;dr - Is there a different brand of speed sensor that’s better than the Garmin for Zwifting on rollers?

As far as power in Zwift is concerned which brand of speed sensor you use really shouldn’t make a difference. As long as the sensor is working correctly and is able to maintain a steady connection to Zwift then the power curve should calculate the exact same power for the same wheel speed.

This is the issue, there is no power curve in Zwift for the rollers.

Unfortunately @CouchTo1200K, a power meter is your best bet for the rollers, or figure out how to use the kickr.

The other option is to get a wheel on trainer…either smart or dumb. A used Fluid2 or KK can be had for $100-$125. Just ensure the power curve is in Zwift.

Hm… that might be just the thing. Still a bit spendy for a solution for the rare occasions my road bike is in the shop, but I could use the wheel on trainer for wife and kid bikes too. Thanks!

Too bad the Favero Assioma SPD-SL pedals weren’t available yet when I bought my power meter (Stages) or I would’ve gone with those instead. Oh well.