Confused about trainers and power meters

I currently have a simple set of rollers as well as a Bontranger speed/cadence sensor set. The speed / cadence work fine.
I understand that in order to make things work, I still need some sort of power meter, because when I rider my bike barely moves unless going down a hill. It doesn’t matter which roller I choose from the list.
I went to the list of recommended trainers, and one of the first ones was a Saris, but when looking at this, I don’t see anywhere where it transmits power. It appears that Zwift uses some power curve based on that particular device. Do I understand that correctly? This is confusing, as I thought I would need something that transmits power.
Since I already have rollers, I didn’t want to purchase an entirely new system. Would I be better off choosing some other trainer from the list to “fake” the system such that I can get my bike to move a little more realistically? I’m a casual user, not interested in races, but just want to enjoy riding and the scenery when it is -30 degrees outside lol… Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Jeffrey_Scharpf

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What brand of rollers do you have?

Thank you for the response, Gerrie.
I believe the brand is “Cycling Deal”. Bought them from Amazon. keep in mind that I am not a pro bicyclist, but these have worked well for me over the last two winters.
The Bontranger Trip 300 came with my bike when I bought it new (Trek FX-3). They installed the cadence and speed sensors. Both of these seem to work fine and appear to have Bluetooth (Zwift finds them).
The rollers are nothing special, and provide (for me) just the right amount of resistance for casual riding in my apartment. This is why I would prefer not to have to spend a lot more money.
When riding in Zwift I do move, just not very fast lol… I’ve gotten used to people walking faster than me :smile:
Going up hill, on a grade of anything above 5%, I can pedal like mad but I am stuck around 1 MPH and then the timer stops timing. I only wish I could get just a wee bit more speed. I’m not here to race…

Try some of the other rollers on Zwift.

I could not find a power curve for those rollers.

Hi Jeffrey, when pairing your speed sensor you should get a 2nd window to select your "wheel-on’ trainer. As ‘Cycling Deal’ is not supported, follow the prompts to select ‘other’ or non supported trainer. In doing so, Zwift will estimate your power output.

ok thanks for the ideas! I will try these!