Rollers or clasic trainers

I want to get started with zwift. A smart trainer or a power meeter is above my buget.
Now im wondering what is the best choose, rollers with cadence amd speed sensor or a classic trainer(wheel-on), with the sensors.
How zwift calculate power from rollers and how exactly is?
How zwift calculate power from a classic trainer, if the resistance on wheel can be changed?
Witch one is more accurate?(rollers or trainer)

No one is accurate…

If you buy a Zwift supported trainer, Zwift will use the known power curve. But that also does not mean it is exact.
The question is what is your budget - powermeters start @ about 500 Euros (new), I do not know if there are some second hand platforms.

Im willing to spend around 200€, im not expecting the given watts to be exactly, but at least like strava do, with a error of 7%( i think)

Get a second hand Tacx Vortex or similar. That should be within your budget and you’ll get a smart trainer experience so that you feel the gradient changing as you ride.

I found the blue-motion also from tacx, looking good so far. I also need a speed and cadence sensor, write? Its necessary to be from tacx? Or the garmin sensors will pair with it just fine.

The Blue Motion is a dumb trainer, so you’ll need a speed sensor. You don’t need a cadence sensor, but if you do have one then it’ll be a bonus. Any decent speed sensor will do, it certainly doesn’t have to be a Tacx one.

But I still recommend that you look for a used smart controllable trainer like the Tacx Vortex. There should be plenty of used ones around. It’ll give you a much, much better Zwift experience than a dumb trainer.

Get a used Kinetic Road Machine and an InRide 3 sensor. The sensor is $50 new and a used Road Machine is $125-150.
Accurate and bomb proof.
it’s a dumb trainer but it may be the top of the “old” line, dumb trainer.

Hi Razvan,
I have used rollers for a number of years now (with and without Zwift).
I think they are a lot more engaging than a dumb trainer personally, as you do have to concentrate a whole lot more. You also get more of a core workout.

The set up would be the same in either of your choices and later on you could add a power meter to either setup.
If you do go for rollers, try to get a model with resistance settings if you can.
There is a lot to be said for a simpler set up as I have had 2 Tacx Neo’s fail on me.
My rollers on the other hand have never let me down.

One thing to remember if you are new to rollers and Zwift, is never to turn at bend, or swerve to miss a fellow Zwifter, as you may end up falling off. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was searching for one, and found on ebay with enormous gap between prices, and i dont know what to think… from 50€ to over 200€.

I struggle a little to find one(Why out of stock all new ones?:sweat_smile:). This sensor , Kinetic inRide Power Sensor v2” will work with any kinetic machine? I ask because ii see others(out of stock of corse) sensors at 50$ and this one is just 20

The older , black In Ride 1 or 2 sensor was Blue tooth only. That may suit you. The green In Ride 3 is Blue tooth and Ant +.
I guess I would get the one that’s available and use it and up grade,if needed, when the Inside 3 was available.
The older sensor is real inexpensive now and having it is better than not riding or spending hundreds more.
This is the least expensive of the most reliable set ups.