Not listed Trainer, powerpod or Speed/Cadence sensors

Hey there,
I am new to zwift. I use a trainer that is not smart at all GHbike 3 rolls trainer. I have also a power meter called powerpod that measures the power through calculations.
My problem is that I cannot configure my power to get accurate results. If I use the powerpod, the power is one, if I use the sensors and a nonlisted trainer, the power is another. Could someone advise me what is the best configuration that I could use?
I have no problem to use only my speed and cadence sensors to calculate power, but with this type of roller, what is the best configuration I could use?
Thanks in advance

Hi Facundo,
welcome to Zwift.
I’m no expert, but I think it would be best to use the speed and cadence sensors to calculate your power. Many others use this set up.
Keep your eyes on the forum as other Zwifters may have others suggestions.
Hope you enjoy Zwift.
“Ride On”

Hi Facundo, Your powerpod would have come with software (windows of Mac is) called Isasc that can use to change the settings of your powerpod to indoor mode. From the menu select device and choose indoor training mode. Go to the menu again and select internal trainer and choose the rollers that is closest to matching your own. 3 choices E-motion, Kreitler and Rocking Roller. (Select rollers and chooses the ) I have the tracks galaxian rollers with a Minoru roller resistant unit and I have selected the E-motion rollers. It has four resistant settings zero, One, two, three,. I selected the resistance setting that closely matches my own and it gives me comparable power readings when I use Zwift. Select send to iBike and the settings will now be sent to your powerpod. Hope the information helps, Slickwhite.

I already tried this option and it really is not precise at all. the power it reached was not real. It is a very good option to improve your self-esteem but I prefer to be more realistic. Anyway, thanks for your recommendation

I have already set the kreitler because my roller has no resistance. but I had to “touch” the perceived power value a lot because my w / Kg was too high. I can’t get my ride on zwift to be similar to my outdoor trainings
Thanks anyway for your comments

Hi Facundo, out of interest what rollers do you you have. Shame you can’t get it to work properly but I get quite comparable power readings around 190-220 watts with a w/kg of 2.3.

The brand is ghbike

Looks like the GH-565 rollers. I used the Tacx galaxia rollers with a Minoura Mag 4000 resistance unit attached to it. It has 7 levels of resistance. If you can get it to fit onto your rollers it may help.