Power Pods?

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I want to get a power meter for my bike, in order to bypass constantly calibrating my Kickr Snap. I want to buy something affordable but effective for indoor training, and I came across the “PowerPod” from velocomp.

Does anyone have any experience with these indoors on Zwift? I read some posts by DC Rainmaker, and I believe he says they should work for Zwift, but I wanted to check with you great folks first!

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They’re not your typical power meter that measure direct force. Power Pod is an opposing force power meter, using the wind to guesstimate your output (along with a few other metics).

Indoors I believe they use basic speed/power curves from known trainers, so it’s exactly like ZPower.

If you’re going to be spending money on a power meter, this isn’t the one you want.


As an owner of a velocomp device I will second @Shane_Miller_GPLama advice . Its not for Zwift .

As a useful power meter for outdoor however its got a few pluses even for someone (Like me ) who has traditional power meters fitted to there bikes simply because it measures power in its unique way . It is surprisingly accurate ( if configured correctly - like all power meters ) , is very easy to swap over onto another bike , but comes into its own when measuring cDA , making it a very useful tool for a TT rider. .

Shane, Graham, thank you both very much for letting me know this!

They seem like a fine product and a good idea, and I’m sure outdoors they work fine for folks… but I’m very glad I checked.

There are no dealers of PowerPods in my neighbourhood, and thus, I would have to order them, wait before getting started, and then finally find out they do not work indoors.

Thank you both for the heads up, and I hope you both have wonderful days!

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To me the real use of the air resistance meters like the power pods is for TT / Tri riders tuning their position and comparing kit. A single side crank-based is about the same price.

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