Speed/Distance on Roller

Is there a way (sensor to roller) to measure “estimated” speed/distance on the rollers -not the bike? thus, the sensors stay with the roller at all times…

I do get cadence and power from the power meter, but I don’t really want to add a sensor to the bike itself. It’s my TT racing bike with disk and such and the last thing I want is a bunch of sensors on it…

Note: the rollers aren’t a replacement for Kickr/workout on Zwift, just an addition for warm-ups. I am only trying see the avatar moving while on rollers in Zwift :slight_smile:

If Zwift connects to the Powermeter your avatar should move just fine, shouldn’t it?

It worked, Awesome! after so many years riding a trainer, I never thought on riding just with power but without pairing the resistance to trainer LOL

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