Roller Trainer's power conculation

Recently I change my trainer to “Elite-Arion Roller Trainer”,for some reasons I didn’t use the power meter,I found that the conculation of power is not accurate.When I was at the speed of 30,the power in Zwift is only 90W.

The following pic is the realationship of speed and power of  “Elite-Arion Roller Trainer” given by ELITE

Hope you can investigate it cleary.

Looking forward to your reply.

Were you going down hill, up hill or on a flat within Zwift at that time? 

Were the rollers broadcast speed or watts?

If you are trying to match the speed within Zwift to what is being reported by the rear wheel of your bike it’s not going to happen. The app that is measuring your rear wheel speed does not know about terrain changes within Zwift. Also, your rear wheel speed is converted to watts within Zwift to determine in-game speed (along with a few other variables). 



Thank you. The speed which I mean is the real wheel speed. And I match the real wheel speed to power in th picture above. The power in Zwift is too low

What rollers/trainer did you select on the Zwift pairing screen?

There is only one choice of rollers in Zwift:”Unllsted Rollers”.

These are the supported rollers for Zwift:

Is yours listed?

My roller is “Elite-Arion Roller Trainer",which is not the smart type. And in Zwift I don’t have the choice of rollers you just showed

Hi Yifan,

Unfortunately, we do not support that particular trainer. Because trainers vary so much from brand to brand, there’s no way for us to accurately estimate wattage for trainers we don’t support, and this option is only intended to give a preview of what it’s like to ride in Zwift. Your wattage will be capped at 400w.

We have a list of our supported trainers here, as well. You can also upgrade to a power meter for more accurate results.