Trainer doping

One issue I am having is training on rollers.

I ride rollers, not a trainer. When I use my bike with a power meter it is not an issue. When I ride with my bike without a power meter, zwift gives me 400 watts when I am just soft pedalling. I once did a lap on watopia full gas and got all the KOMs and various jerseys. I then deleted the ride as it seemed ridiculous. I certainly would have been flamed by all the other users.
You can change the trainer type to rollers, but when I do that I can only max out at 100 virtual watts, it takes me 2 hours to do 1 lap.
Perhaps there would be a way to fix this? Perhaps KOMs could only be obtained by riders using power data.
I do have power on my race bike. However, I like to use my old retired junker for indoor training so I can minimize wear and tear on my good one.

Hi Alec,

We cannot create an accurate virtual power curve for rollers which is why, generally, they are unsupported. The only ones we support generate power which negates the need for said virtual power curve.

If you train on rollers, the ONLY way that’ll be accurate is with a power meter.