Specialized Shiv Disc TT frame - Paint frame very limited colour range?

The Specialized Shiv Disc ‘paint’ frame option seems very limited in colour range - its almost impossible to see it change

The colour range selection tool shows the standard full range but does not seem to represent frame colour - Purple, purple ish seems just about the only colour I can select.

Is this correct / deliberate ?

Thank you for any help

Thanks for the report @Andrew_Halliday. The QA team will try and reproduce this issue and debug.

four images uploaded - PC windows 10 , “RIDE” then garage, frame as you can see selected paint four colours selected and a slight hint of tint change - I also believe that if I go to “just watch” and select the same frame / paint that nothing changes with the slider.
If you require any more information please ask,
I hope that is of help
Thank you

Thanks for the screenshots. Those are always helpful to have.

What is sort of funny, though (at least if I am recalling correctly), is that is you put the ENVE 7.8 wheelset on that bike and move the slider the stickers on the wheels will change color, even though the bike does not.

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