Specialized Roval Climbing Series

I hasnt been fixed . I beleive Zwift support have said they are “looking at it” but I am not seeing any fixes being applied .

Glad I saw this. Pointless riding this event today then. Hoped to do the Mountain 8 ride, but not going to bother as I don’t want an UPG on my Zwiftpower profile.

So frustrating! I think they’re overwhelmed right now with all the issues related to the last update. Hopefully will be fixed soon. Thanks.

Likewise . I enjoyed participating in the one I did … but getting UPG , no thanks , avoid .

Consider letting Specialized Roval team know that we are totally turned off there event (and hint there brand) because of it .

I had the UPG on my ZP account after the “Mountain 8” (it’s really just Epic with a Radio Tower bonus kicker) event. I posted on here and it got fixed a coupla days later. It was a “fun” event if anything with Radio Tower can be assigned that designation.

Today I die the ven-top event of SPECIALIZED ROVAL CLIMBING CHALLENGE T’S & C’S. I think category A, B, C and D are Just the routes in this event? No??
As a A-rider I am now disqualified in zwiftpower… someone can help me?

This will be helpful for you: Specialized Roval Climbing Series

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I don’t believe they will fix it… Where can you report it??
It would be nice that zwiftpower is just correct and honest

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Can you also Fix this event… As a A-rider I wanted to ride the vent-top (B-event) and I got an UPG… If the problem can be solved, this is really a nice event.

Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge
30/07/2021 19:00 (europe)
zwift power. com / events.php?zid=2204256

Thanks a lot.

Report it to Roval , let them know their event sucks and be sure to mention how it reflects badly on there brand . Firstly Zwift are much more likely to listen to them because they will have the ear of some people who matter , and secondly you might if you push the button correctly get a “reward” for letting them know :smiley:.

Its inconsistent though, as I did the D (Innsbruck event) last Thursday (z=2777844) and I’m not getting a UPG (I’m classified B on ZwiftPower).

Even though the ride counted towards Zwiftpower cats, it’s like a stain on my character having an UPG on my profile! Even though nothing wrong was done, for some it’s important that tag isn’t there.


Are you saying that my race result from 28. July will be fixed, and my UPG changed, when you get the problem fixed?
I mean do you go through every riders account to check and fix what needs to be fixed, or do you need us to draw your attention to the accounts and activities affected?

No matter what I would very much like you to change my UPG in the mentioned activity asap😉

Thanks a lot
Claus Rath

We’re still working on getting the larger issue solved, though it should be done relatively soon. When that time comes, we’ll be going back and changing all the races to not enforce w/kg for categories, which is why so many of you are seeing UPG being applied to your results.

Ideally, when this is fixed, we can go to each race, make the change and regenerate the results, which means we won’t have to go to each result and revert it. Ideally.

I understand that having UPG on your results doesn’t look good, and that you’d like it corrected. It will be counterproductive for us to respond to each individual request at this point to revert it. After we get the larger issue sorted, if you should see that your result hasn’t been changed, then please email us at zwiftpower@zwift.com.

I haven’t forgotten about this problem, and I promise it’s on my short list of things to solve. All I ask for is your patience.


Whats happening here , its still not been fixed ?


Correct, it still has not been fixed. It’s a sitewide issue as the underlying cause, which means that when it’s fixed it will benefit all race organizers and not just allow the correction of results of this series.

still have some events marked with UPG.
7/28/21 Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge] zid=2204215
7/26/21 Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge] zid=2204189

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Same here, they probably didn’t fix it.

Hola, aun no está arreglado upg y es dia 1.11.2021??